Bring Jade Home

Wow, this blog has been buried under the mountain of other work I've been doing.  These are exciting times.

Just finished the edit of a wonderful book written by Michelle Caffrey called "Bring Jade Home."  It is coming out this summer by FarCountry Press, and will be featured at a  big reading in Yellowstone Park in June.  All very exciting.  Just saw a proof of the new cover and it's gorgeous.  So I'll be posting photos and more information soon.  This is the true story of an Australian Shepherd puppy who was lost in Yellowstone for 44 days, and about the lives of the people who found her.  It's a book to be treasured.

Michelle Caffrey and the "stand in" for Jade

Finished judging the annual short story contest of the Raleigh Fine Arts Literary contest.  Always wonderful to see how the young are pushing the envelope on literature and coming up with some great "new generation" stuff. 

AND I just finished the fourth draft of my own novel, "The Eye of Hachiman" -- which has had two name changes to date, and two rounds of queries to agents, and a third round coming up soon.  Hope is that thing with email.

Hope 2018 is treating you well.  If you need editing help, I'm here.  I'm busy but I'm here.


FABULOUS Editing Software for Creative Writers


It''s been a tough year on a lot of people, so I wanted to offer you a gift by
broadcasting my find of a wonderful program online called:

ProWritingAid.Com <--clicky > Once you download the program and set it up, a little box appears in the upper right corner of your Word program. 

When you click the box, a menu of many items appears: You can check your work for overused words, cliches, passive voice, plagiarism, sticky sentences, repetitions, grammar, complex words, pronoun overuse, etc. etc. It is an amazing array of checks, done by (I presume) a very fast computer and of course not every single thing applies to your work. BUT it is a definite help.

On their website, you can run a sample of your work through their free tester, just to get an idea of it.

I do think it's important to stress that this is a tool for editing a finished draft of work, and NOT something you use as you write.  The danger with this kind of hypercritical program is that the writer will subjectively "believe" every single correction and try to fit it into their work.  It is a TOOL only, and not to be used as a guide for writing every word.

I used this program on my latest draft of Canyon Flower (my new novel) and have chopped 4,000 words out of it, as a result. I can only think what's left is in better shape. A lot of work but well worth it. Editing is where the big 'uns get separated from the little 'uns, so have at it!

THEN, send it to me. :-) (with any luck, maybe you wouldn't need to?)

Full disclosure: This company offered me a deal, to get friends to sign up, and sent me "links" that would identify me, so I would get credit (a month added to my year's registration) for every person who signed up with me. But I am NOT using said links. I want this recommendation to be from my genuine heartfelt appreciation of the product, NOT trying to sell it. I could care less if you use it or not, but I'd be remiss in not letting you know about it.


Chord & Discord Anthology

Congratulations to the Writer's Group of Walnut Creek, California for the terrific anthology of short stories themed on music, in all variations. Some of my clients' works appear in this volume, and I couldn't be more proud and elated for their successes. Grab a copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble by just clicking on the Book Cover image to the right!


Happy Writing in 2016

Happy to see a new year whipping right by. Last year was productive and this new one promises to be more of the same.

I'm personally still working on my third book. Still looking for representation for the Suspense novel, and revising the book before into a new book of fiction.

The Lucky Pauper is thriving with lots of short stories and a few novels in the mix. I'm still an annual judge for the Raleigh Fine Arts contest among high school teens, and have taken on another job as Editor at a wonderful online literary magazine called r.kv.r.y. (recovery is the theme, but if you're alive, you're recovering, so the story base is WIDE). I'm enjoying that a lot, as it fills a little of the hole left by my own (now defunct) ezine, Ink Pot and the publishing house Lit Pot. Hope you're writing and publishing. Thanks for trusting me with your work. I love supporting writers! Have a great year. Bev


Another Pair of Peepers

Smart writers know that it is very easy to get too close to the work and not really "see" the larger picture--and sometimes having a writers' group or a trusted reader is the very thing that delineates a good piece of work from something that is only mediocre. But that good piece of work can become even better with polish, like fine furniture.

Most new writers have to learn this the hard way. Often their submissions to venues will be rejected solely on the "amateur" mistake of sending out a piece too soon, unpolished, unedited or having no proofreading in place. Sometimes it might have needed a major overhaul to be accepted; but sometimes just another pair of peepers on it, to smooth the rough edges would have made the grade.

There are writing sites on the internet that are very helpful. Communities of writers get together and critique each others' work; some even go so far as to correct spelling and punctuation, but usually such exchanges are for the support of the early draft, to see if a story or chapter "works" or not. Zoetrope is the website I have used for over ten years for just such support, and it is invaluable. Plus it's a great way to meet like-minded writers and find lifetime friends. But it is just one stop in the process from conception to finished product.

For some people, working in groups (and having to do the reciprocal "payback" by critiquing a lot of other people's work) is not efficient and they would rather work one-on-one with an editor. And it can be cost prohibitive for those without ample resources. For others, after all the critiques and revisions, a final Amen is wanted. It is for that reason that I am offering pauper prices for another pair of peepers on your work; professional expertise at rock bottom fees.

Why would I do this? you might ask. The answer is I am good at it, and it satisfies my altruistic needs. I have semi-retired, have moved to a small mobile home in Naples, Florida. My financial needs are minimal. I am an artist, a couch potato, a loner. My youth was full of adventure, money, travel and it is behind me. I write, I read, I watch film, and I can use a little extra money, but I don't have grand financial ambitions.

If you have questions and would like to discuss projects, just drop an email to bevjackson at gmail.com, with your phone number and a good time to talk. We can always work something out. I am interested in working with you!