Happy Writing in 2016

Happy to see a new year whipping right by. Last year was productive and this new one promises to be more of the same.

I'm personally still working on my third book. Still looking for representation for the Suspense novel, and revising the book before into a new book of fiction.

The Lucky Pauper is thriving with lots of short stories and a few novels in the mix. I'm still an annual judge for the Raleigh Fine Arts contest among high school teens, and have taken on another job as Editor at a wonderful online literary magazine called r.kv.r.y. (recovery is the theme, but if you're alive, you're recovering, so the story base is WIDE). I'm enjoying that a lot, as it fills a little of the hole left by my own (now defunct) ezine, Ink Pot and the publishing house Lit Pot. Hope you're writing and publishing. Thanks for trusting me with your work. I love supporting writers! Have a great year. Bev