Bring Jade Home

Wow, this blog has been buried under the mountain of other work I've been doing.  These are exciting times.

Just finished the edit of a wonderful book written by Michelle Caffrey called "Bring Jade Home."  It is coming out this summer by FarCountry Press, and will be featured at a  big reading in Yellowstone Park in June.  All very exciting.  Just saw a proof of the new cover and it's gorgeous.  So I'll be posting photos and more information soon.  This is the true story of an Australian Shepherd puppy who was lost in Yellowstone for 44 days, and about the lives of the people who found her.  It's a book to be treasured.

Michelle Caffrey and the "stand in" for Jade

Finished judging the annual short story contest of the Raleigh Fine Arts Literary contest.  Always wonderful to see how the young are pushing the envelope on literature and coming up with some great "new generation" stuff. 

AND I just finished the fourth draft of my own novel, "The Eye of Hachiman" -- which has had two name changes to date, and two rounds of queries to agents, and a third round coming up soon.  Hope is that thing with email.

Hope 2018 is treating you well.  If you need editing help, I'm here.  I'm busy but I'm here.