My Purpose

I respect writers and the difficult work they do. I'm a writer myself. It seems to me that we get kicked around a lot by editors, agents, venues--and I've never understood it.

When I was in the publishing business (see "About the Editor") it was our goal to accept or reject submissions within days, (maximum 2 weeks, rather than months or years which seems to be the industry standard,) to show some respect for the work and the writers who chose to send it. We helped many unpublished writers find their voice and an audience, and our methods brought us established writers who appreciated our work ethic. (It is difficult to understand why editors and agents take so long to respond to writers when most/many of them are writers themselves.)

Now that I am editing privately, (I closed my companies in 2006 to care for my ailing mother) I have the same desire to support writers, and most especially without gouging them. Of all the people in the world, artists are the ones who have the smallest resources, as they learn their craft and hone their arts.

This is something I love and am competent to do. I'm willing to make my fees affordable and work with writers who are willing to meet me halfway in communication, negotiation and compromise. Without help and support, I never would have accomplished what I did, and I'd like to pay it forward.

Bev Jackson

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