• Excerpts from Emails of satisfied clients: 

  • April 2018:  Bev’s critique skills are second to none. She has the rare ability to quickly see what is and isn’t working and offer helpful detailed suggestions. She’s  a cheerleader, a poet, and has the surgical precision of a “book doctor.”  Bring Jade Home is narrative nonfiction and therefore has  the same essentials as a novel: plot, characterization, and pacing. Bev’s edits addressed all of these elements to help me create a truly gripping story. In June 2018, the book will be published by Farcountry Press, a leading Rocky Mountain publisher specializing in Yellowstone books. The editor there said the manuscript was “remarkably clean.”  Bev’s input was instrumental in the book’s approval and I highly recommend her services.  Michelle Caffrey - Author 
  • August 2016: I can't believe how good Bev is! The novel I have worked on for over 20 years had been edited, critiqued in small chunks by my writing group and rewritten changing point of view twice and still felt off. As a successfully published academic who taught literature for many years, I was flabbergasted that I simply couldn't figure out why I STILL didn't like this wonderful story that I had created as my first foray into big fiction.

    So I sent it to Bev for commentary and what she returned was so profound and right that her direction has sent me back to what will probably be another 10 years of rewrite. And she did it in such a way that instead of depressing me, it energized me to start on the project immediately. Will certainly let Bev have a second look after I implement her suggestions.

    I have previous experience of her work on 2 short stories that became much better after going through rewrite using her comments - they are being published in November in a new anthology.
  • February 2016: I think the story is stronger, following your excellent suggestions. Thank you, you hit several problems that I had noticed and was vaguely uncomfortable with, but having you come right out and say so made me certain I needed to feel good about them and should change the story. Thank you.
  • November 2015:Your criticisms are the best gifts that (I've) received. It was a realization how little I knew about writing. Just merely having an idea is not enough. No wonder how difficult it has been for me to publish literary work but easier to publish technical work which is straight forward. I learnt the following things (I wish I had taken time off to take a course in basics of Writing 101 Class before venturing into storytelling but never too late): (he goes on to list and acknowledge the "lessons" of the edit.
  • September 2015:I'm so pleased you've come back so quickly and with such a detailed and thoughtful summary. Thank you. This is a great help.
  • June 2015: (A greeting card with payment enclosed, silhouette of a boat in the mist of an island) "Not all who wander are lost" ~ j.r.r. tolkien. (inside author has written - "We just need a good editor! Thank you!
  • April 2015: Thank you so, so much for your fast reading, your insights, and your absolutely dead-on comments on the novel. Your suggestions are so good, make perfect sense. In fact, as I was reading I was thinking - of course!! Why didn't I SEE that! Okay - on to the revision! I'm energized now!
  • December 2014 -Excerpt of "Acknowledgement Page" of finished novella: I’m unable to express my depth of gratitude to Beverly Jackson, my editor, for her patience and direction. Thank you, thank you, dear Beverly!
  • July 2014: So, even though I didn’t get back flips from you, I could not be happier that I found your web-site and that you did the edits and comments for me.
  • August 2014: This is so right on the mark! As I read the edited version I stopped thinking how much help it was, and had a moment of envy that you can do it so well..
  • July 2014: Read your overview first thing. Well done! Comments comprehended. You're given me a lot to think about, dear editor.I've never had a lit or writing class. Your notes explain the methods/steps/ that make a story 'good'. Books either worked for me or didn't. I didn't analyze the reasons. Now I see why.
  • August 2014: Thank you so much for the helpful feedback. Unlike a lot of critiques, this one gives me a solid sense of footing for moving forward--where things need to be etched a little deeper, if that makes any sense, or pared away. I feel as though I've received a writing assignment from a great instructor.

Solicited References from Authors Who Know My Work for Years

  • Bev is a living legend among a select group of writers. Some of them received their first print publication in the many anthologies she published and edited.

    A sizable number of the writers and poets who flourished under her guiding hand went on to publish bestselling books. For example, Beverly Jackson first published Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Half of a Yellow Sun in Literary Potpourri.
    Then it was published in Zoetrope: All-Story magazine
    Then it was turned into a book:
    Then it was turned into a movie: And now the movie is on TV
    (Adichie won the $500K MacArthur Fellowship, the £30K Orange Prize,the £10K Commonwealth Prize and the O. Henry Prize)

    Plus, Bev's a darn fine human being: honest, trustworthy, loyal and amazingly talented. She is,quite simply,The Best!

  • Alan C. Baird is the Harvard Book Prize winner who authored "facebookworm" and coauthored a print\web\wap (remember wap?) project entitled "," which appeared at the Whitney Biennial. He has supported other writers with promotional and technical assistance over the years, tracked the published works of Zoetrope writers, designed book covers, and assisted in many ways that he doesn't make public. Many of us are indebted to his generosity and kindness. More About Alan


  • Many writers lucky enough to be published in Ink Pot or LitPot will be able to attest to Bev Jackson's excellent editing skills. (And some of the writers that Bev discovered early in their careers have gone on to publish best-selling novels, to win prizes or be listed for prestigious literary awards.) She has a particular ability to spot where a story lags, rambles, or veers off course, where it needs to speed up or slow down, when something new needs to be introduced or something deleted right out. Also, and this is often where writers need her most, when something quite clear in the writer's head is simply not there on the page. Writers are often too close to the material, too immersed, to recognize these common problems.

    An honest opinion by an experienced editor - another pair of peepers! - can be enormously helpful. Bev Jackson is charging very low fees for something writers will find invaluable.

  • Mary McCluskey's short stories have been published in literary journals in the US, UK, Australia and Hong Kong - including The Atlantic, The London Magazine, StoryQuarterly,, London's Litro and have been read on BBC Radio 4.

  • Bev was the first editor who showed me I could be a writer. Skillful, kind, generous, tough, she taught me how to reshape my scribblings into what I discovered to be my voice.

  • Carol Peters @ Way .

  • I am so glad that you are going to pursue the editing. You are an excellent editor and your critiques have always been spot on. You are thorough, can spot B.S. as well as technical problems. And you are one damn good poet and writer. So, Bravo!

  • Pat Riviere-Seel, Award-winning Poet
    New Collection: Nothing Below But Air. She is also the author of two chapbooks, The Serial Killer’s Daughter, winner of the 2009 Roanoke Chowan Award for Poetry, and No Turning Back Now (2004) a Pushcart Prize nominee.

  • Bev proved it all to me so long ago. Haste it and paste it. This lady is the Tiger.

  • Tom Sheehan served in the 31st Infantry Regiment, Korea, 1951 and graduated from Boston College after military service. His books (print/eBooks) are Epic Cures; Brief Cases, Short Spans, from Press 53; A Collection of Friends and From the Quickening, from Pocol Press, and This Rare Earth & Other Flights from Lit Pot Press. He has 24 Pushcart nominations and 360 stories on Rope and Wire Magazine. Recent eBooks from Milspeak Publishers include Korean Echoes, 2011, nominated for a Distinguished Military Award and The Westering, 2012, nominated for a National Book Award. His newest eBooks, from Danse Macabre, are Murder at the Forum, an NHL mystery novel, Death of a Lottery Foe, Death by Punishment and An Accountable Death. In the publication cycle is In the Garden of Long Shadows, a collection of short stories at Pocol Press along with 7 western collections in the publishers queue, with cover art work included in some cases. His work has appeared in Provo Canyon Review (2nd issue), Rosebud (6th issue), The Linnet’s Wings (6th issue), Ocean Magazine (8th issue), several issues of Wilderness House Literary Review, Literary Orphans (3rd issue) and many internet sites and print magazines/anthologies in Romania, France, Ireland, England, Scotland, Italy, Thailand, China, Mexico, and Canada.

  • Beverly is the kind of editor that takes the text closer to the place the writer has in mind. Unlike many editors, she does not impose her vision but puts herself at the service of the writer’s insights and expectations. She masters the language so well as to suggest interesting alternatives where the text can be improved and identifies slips and errors. While doing so she's careful not to interfere with the voice of the piece. Besides being an excellent professional, she is a warm and kind person, so the dialogue is not only beneficial but also pleasurable. I highly recommend getting your text ready with her help.

  • Avital Gad-Cykman's double flash collection will be published by Matter Press and will be out in May. She is the winner of Margaret Atwood Studies Magazine prize for non-fiction, and of The Hawthorne Citation prize for fiction. She is also a four-time Pushcart Prize nominee. Her stories and novel have been finalists in different contests, among them the Iowa Fiction Award for story collections. Avital's work has been published in The Literary Review, Glimmer Train, McSweeney’s, Prism International, Michigan Quarterly Review, and other magazines and is upcoming in Calyx. It has also been featured in anthologies such as Sex for America, Politically Inspired Fiction, Stumbling and Raging, Politically Inspired Fiction Anthology, You Have Time for This and The Flash, and is upcoming in W.W. Norton's International Flash Anthology. Her double flash collection is coming out in May.

  • Bev Jackson is one of the few editors I’ve ever worked with who has been able to see the bones as beautiful in my stories, and knew just how to mold the word-flesh. Without losing a thing from my intention she was able to reduce the excess. She was always right. If only there were a diet pill equivalent of Bev Jackson.

  • Beverly C. Lucey has published short fiction in Flint River Review, Moxie, and Wild Strawberries. Four stories are anthologized in We Teach Them All.
    Twisted Tales: Flash Fiction (UK)
    Scraps: Flash Fiction (UK)

    Anthology: Friend. Follow. Text. #storiesFromLivingOnline (fall 2013 release)
    Anthology of flash fiction Up! Do! (spring 2014 release)

    Extensive fiction presence online include ezines: Zoetrope All Story Extra, Vestal Review,, Flashquake, Smokelong Quarterly, Bound Off, LitPot, and Absinthe Revival.

    Winner of Fiction Contest for Estonian Public Broadcasting (2013)

  • Bev is smart and really capable. She helped my poetry enormously. She's great. You can't go wrong with her skills. She really did help my poetry with her own "Tonto" effect analysis.

  • Gerard Smith, GC Smith is a southerner. He writes novels, short stories, flash fiction, poetry. Sometimes he plays with dialect, either Cajun or Gullah-Geechee ways of speaking.

    Smith's work can be found in: Gator Springs Gazette, F F Magazine, Iguanaland, Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Naked Humorists, The GLUT, Flask Fiction Magazine, N.O.L.A. Spleen, NFG Magazine, Cellar Door, The Beat, Dispatches Magazine, Beaufort Gazette, Coyote's Den, Southern Hum, Lamoille Lamentations , Quiction, The Landing, The Haunted Poet, Flavor a Deux, The Binnacle, Stymie Magazine, Bannock Street Books, Fried Chicken and Coffee, Write to Meow --Grey Wolfe, Publishing.

    Smith has four novels, WHITE LIGHTNING --Murder In the world of stock car racing, THE CARBON STEEL CARESS; A Johnny Donal P.I. novel,and IN GOOD FAITH; A Johnny Donal P.I. Novel, and Mudbug Tales, A Novel In Flashes, wit' recipes. Smith also has a poetry chapbook: A Southern Boy's Meanderings. Smith is currently working on Rednecks and Hardcases, a short story collection

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